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Business Ethics

The reputation and future success of Farm-Trade LLC is largely depended from the requirements of the law and high ethical standards.

The Code of Business Ethics is evidence of our commitment to the principles of civilized cooperation. The Code establishes standards of responsible behavior, which we expect from all our employees and partners. It gives practical recommendations on resolving important ethical and legal issues.

Farm-Trade LLC clearly follows to business ethics and regulations, guidelines and industry regulations.

The company conducts business in accordance with high standards of ethical behavior and principles of economic, social and environmental responsibility and expects the same approach from third parties.

There are fundamental values ​​for all employees:

  • carrying out activities based on honesty, justice, decency and responsibility;
  • open and honest relationships with the authorities, legal entities and individuals;
  • clear and mutually beneficial long-term relationships with customers, suppliers and partners;
  • financial transparency of activity;
  • compliance with all applicable competition laws;
  • business development on the principle of social responsibility;
  • building relationships with employees on the basis of respect and fulfillment of obligations;
  • fortification of reputation and image of the company.